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Clôtura and Privacy Slats

Clôtura, a classic fence that defies time. For decades it has been everywhere in our neighborhoods, it is seen as a guarantee of resilience and is immensely popular.

Here it is, reinvented! Still just as resistant, maintenance free and offering great value - and great prices. This chain link fence is now covered with a colored enameled vinyl. Baked on, the enamel-based polyester powder does not flake and is weather resistant, staying radiant year after year. This smooth coating, with its shiny and pleasant tint and no dangerous chemicals will offer you years of service without losing its good looks.

Want to delineate your property without reducing your visibility or are you looking for an economical way to comply with safety regulations in your municipality? CLOTURA offers a range of colors that can blend harmoniously with its surroundings. And if privacy is important to you, just add strips of assorted colors. Combine past experience with today's requirements to enjoy a carefree future.

Clôtura and Privacy Slats features

  • Great durability
  • Excellent value for money
  • No Maintenance
  • Safe
  • Choice of colors

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